An Invititation To Join The Activist School

The activist school will take the form of 14 monthly events for 20-25 aspiring activists from diverse grassroots backgrounds that are committed to challenging socio-economic and political issues that affect their communities. The school will start in August 2020 and end in November 2021.

The monthly events will explore a variety of socio-economic and political issues and debate possible action to influence positive socio-economic change. The topics that will be covered include inequality, unemployment and poverty; decent housing as a human right; the struggle for a living wage; climate justice and the ecological crisis, political economy; social protection, gender justice and more.

Why an activist school?

At a time when Namibia is still rated as a highly unequal country with the third highest income inequality in the world, there has been a declining interest in activism. Without people willing to become agents of change, we cannot achieve the fundamental changes needed to build a better and more equal society. The Economic and Social Justice (ESJT) therefore identified the urgent need to build a new layer of younger activists to find solutions to inequality and secure a brighter future for all Namibians.

What are the school's aims?

To break apathy and hopelessness and to develop the participants’ skills for active citizenship. To equip the participants with an understanding and practical skills to become activists in a variety of social movements such as youth organisations, trade unions, community-based organisations etc.

What is the school's approach?

The school will provide hands-on and minds-on guided learning activities in a free thinking atmosphere to help the participants to be creative, innovative, and radical and to understand themselves as capable of initiating positive socio-economic and political changes.

The monthly session will include Interactive seminars, roundtable discussions, film screenings and engagement with community-based organisations to innovate fresh ideas of effective activism against socio-economic injustices.
The form and contents of the activist school will significantly be decided upon by the participants themselves so that the school becomes an example of participatory democracy. The ESJT will merely play a facilitator role by assisting with logistical arrangements, developing the curriculum and seminar materials.

Who should apply to participate in the school?

Who should apply to participate in the school? The school is open to people who want to play an active role in fighting economic and social justice in the years to come. They can come from various backgrounds such as youth organisations, trade unions, NGOs, community-based organisations etc.

Initially the participants should be based in Windhoek but in future, events will take place in various regions. Participants are expected to complete an application form and to commit themselves to attend all 14 events. The ESJT will provide a venue, catering, reading materials and local transport costs.

For more information & application submission, contact Rinaani at 081 561 5191 or Herbert at 081 124 3438 or email us at: .