The Namibian Journal of Social Justice

An Introduction

Namibia continues to be one of the most unequal nations of the face of the earth and the root cause of this inequality being apartheid colonialism followed by the post-colonial neoliberal policy path. What has happened in post-colonial Namibia is exactly what characterised many capitalist societies globally whereby the capitalist state is able to produce and reproduce its own intellectuals who seek to justify and rationalise the neoliberal order – the very order that produces inequality.

Such neoliberal intellectuals dominate the intellectual space today. They form a strategic alliance with capitalist forces and state functionaries to maintain the neoliberal order. There is therefore an urgent need for leftist thinkers to contribute to alternative ideas and practices that will lead to significant improvements in the lives of the masses impacted by poverty and inequality. In doing so, leftist intellectuals and social justice academics must create their own spaces apart from contesting ideas within the existing spaces dominated by the neoliberal dogma.

The Namibian Journal of Social Justice (NJSJ) was established in 2021 as an open-source publication to create a space for contesting the mainstream ideas that underpin the global capitalist neoliberal order. The NJSJ serves as an intellectual platform for social justice academics and activists in Namibia who want to critically question that order and search for alternatives. Its ideological grounding is unapologetically left as it wants to be a teaching and learning instrument for academics, teachers, students, workers, youth activists, policy makers and others who are willing to wage the struggle for social justice in Namibia.

The NJSJ does not pretend nor assume an “open for all” character. It will promote a critical leftist analysis and ideas which will advance the struggle for social justice in Namibia. In doing so, the journal will uphold the principles of academic meticulousness and seek quality academic research output and analyses on social justice and related issues. At the same time, it will remain open to different forms of contributions (including opinion pieces, photo essays etc.) and prioritise substance over form. In other words, the NJSJ will not only accept academic articles of high quality but it will also publish activist accounts of struggles in Namibia, Africa and globally.

The Journal is published by the Economic and Social Justice Trust (ESJT).

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